Thursday, November 12, 2009

T.V. experience..

So i went to drive wise to be filmed for a story for rogers tv. they filmed me talking about how my boyfriend has to dive me everywhere and how much it sucks them being on strike. after i forgot how old i was, they put me in the simulator to drive around while my driving instructor talked a bit. Shawn sat in the background just giggling at my shyness. they my instructor turned to shawn and said, your turn. Shawn hopped on the simultor just to figure out how difficult it actually was. He talked about having to drive my butt around everywhere and hoped the place would come off strike. Hes so adorable when he tries to be "the man", when i know how sensitive he really is. Hes so cute it makes me smile when he talks about me. *puff*, im just glad thats over with lol

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