Monday, November 30, 2009

Completely Exhausted...

I am so tired :( I work this entire week on top of going to school throughout the daytime. Literally i am busy with school and working from 6am - 10pm. My head hurts really badly and i feel like im getting really sick. My cough has come back and my nose is dry. I have to apply for college too so im pretty stressed out about that too. And I have all of my ISU's due... wait.. hold on.. ON THE SAME DAY!! with only 3 days to study for my exams afterwards :( HELP ME!! SOS

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Working.. ALL WEEK!

I hate working, but i like the money. This week, everyday i have to get up at 6am, go to school till 230pm, head to work for 3pm, and work untill 10pm. I am going to be SOO exhausted. And then on the weekend, i work All day, both days. I cant even begin to think how exhausted im going to be.. but i REALLY need the money :(.. well, hold on tight for this week :(

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stop the itchiness!!!

I am SOOO itchy i cant contain myself. I got hive like red bumps on my body. my mom says there hives but im sure hives are patches... and they arent chicken pox? Im not quite sure but all i know is i am so itchy :( they are the worst on my hands. I dont know how im going to be able to fall asleep im so itchy.. Ontop of being overly itchy (gosh, everytime i say that word i get itchier) tomorrow morning i have to go get my braces tightened and my teeth shaved down so they fit in my mouth :( and then i have to go to school after... GREAT! what a perfect day i have tomorrow... anyways that all i wanted to say... i was itchy.. *scratch scratch*

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Live - Love - Laugh

I feel that live, love, laugh relates to my life so much. You have to live your life to the fullest and with everyone in it becuase you never know what may happen. You much love everyone for the same reason. If something ever happened to someone in my life i dont know how i would cope. And you must laugh everything off. You cant keep things bottled up forever, pretty soon you have to laugh about it. alot of people have mottos they live there life by and i think this one best suits me. i just have to make sure to remind myself often of this and maybe i wont feel so down most times.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kritta Baldwick

Kritta Baldwick
Age: 17
Profession: cow girl
School: Nantyr
If krista was a cow girl the whole world would be better. she would wear her hat proudly and watch transformers on her laptop all of the time. She would save people with her harry potter powers and keep her wand under her hat. kritta is bomb.

Highschool, best and worst times.

I love highschool. I love all of the fun you have and how everyones, well mostly everyone, is always happy. But you always get those people who just bring you down all the time. they have nothing positive to say about life. there facebook status constantly says "my life sucks" and everytime you say you sick or you dont feel well infront of them, they constantly are in competition with you, trying to explain to you that there life if worse. ontop of those people, you have the people that pretend to be your friends, and then constantly talk behind you back. well my highschool years have been full of these people. like why cant people just be happy for once. half the time i put on a fake smile to show everyone im happy when im not. i dotn want people upset like me if im ever upset? and why do people have to pretend to be your friend and then talk behind your back 5 seconds later? cant they just say it to my face that they dont like me. and ontop of that, i never give people a reason to not like me. I like everyone and i give everyone a chance in my life. but people constantly show me they dont deserve it, and take me for granted. im absolutely sick of it. all people just need a reality check. my deciding factor between whether i truly want to go to college or university has come down to which one i will spend less time with people in. shawn gets me for who i am and knows when im faking a smile. i just want a girlfriend like that. or friends that dont take me for granted. it seems people are only interested when its something in it for them. like im going to Cuba and all of a sudden everyone wants to be my friend cause they know i get to take someone. Im just frustrated.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

T.V. experience..

So i went to drive wise to be filmed for a story for rogers tv. they filmed me talking about how my boyfriend has to dive me everywhere and how much it sucks them being on strike. after i forgot how old i was, they put me in the simulator to drive around while my driving instructor talked a bit. Shawn sat in the background just giggling at my shyness. they my instructor turned to shawn and said, your turn. Shawn hopped on the simultor just to figure out how difficult it actually was. He talked about having to drive my butt around everywhere and hoped the place would come off strike. Hes so adorable when he tries to be "the man", when i know how sensitive he really is. Hes so cute it makes me smile when he talks about me. *puff*, im just glad thats over with lol