Monday, November 30, 2009

Completely Exhausted...

I am so tired :( I work this entire week on top of going to school throughout the daytime. Literally i am busy with school and working from 6am - 10pm. My head hurts really badly and i feel like im getting really sick. My cough has come back and my nose is dry. I have to apply for college too so im pretty stressed out about that too. And I have all of my ISU's due... wait.. hold on.. ON THE SAME DAY!! with only 3 days to study for my exams afterwards :( HELP ME!! SOS

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Working.. ALL WEEK!

I hate working, but i like the money. This week, everyday i have to get up at 6am, go to school till 230pm, head to work for 3pm, and work untill 10pm. I am going to be SOO exhausted. And then on the weekend, i work All day, both days. I cant even begin to think how exhausted im going to be.. but i REALLY need the money :(.. well, hold on tight for this week :(

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stop the itchiness!!!

I am SOOO itchy i cant contain myself. I got hive like red bumps on my body. my mom says there hives but im sure hives are patches... and they arent chicken pox? Im not quite sure but all i know is i am so itchy :( they are the worst on my hands. I dont know how im going to be able to fall asleep im so itchy.. Ontop of being overly itchy (gosh, everytime i say that word i get itchier) tomorrow morning i have to go get my braces tightened and my teeth shaved down so they fit in my mouth :( and then i have to go to school after... GREAT! what a perfect day i have tomorrow... anyways that all i wanted to say... i was itchy.. *scratch scratch*

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Live - Love - Laugh

I feel that live, love, laugh relates to my life so much. You have to live your life to the fullest and with everyone in it becuase you never know what may happen. You much love everyone for the same reason. If something ever happened to someone in my life i dont know how i would cope. And you must laugh everything off. You cant keep things bottled up forever, pretty soon you have to laugh about it. alot of people have mottos they live there life by and i think this one best suits me. i just have to make sure to remind myself often of this and maybe i wont feel so down most times.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kritta Baldwick

Kritta Baldwick
Age: 17
Profession: cow girl
School: Nantyr
If krista was a cow girl the whole world would be better. she would wear her hat proudly and watch transformers on her laptop all of the time. She would save people with her harry potter powers and keep her wand under her hat. kritta is bomb.

Highschool, best and worst times.

I love highschool. I love all of the fun you have and how everyones, well mostly everyone, is always happy. But you always get those people who just bring you down all the time. they have nothing positive to say about life. there facebook status constantly says "my life sucks" and everytime you say you sick or you dont feel well infront of them, they constantly are in competition with you, trying to explain to you that there life if worse. ontop of those people, you have the people that pretend to be your friends, and then constantly talk behind you back. well my highschool years have been full of these people. like why cant people just be happy for once. half the time i put on a fake smile to show everyone im happy when im not. i dotn want people upset like me if im ever upset? and why do people have to pretend to be your friend and then talk behind your back 5 seconds later? cant they just say it to my face that they dont like me. and ontop of that, i never give people a reason to not like me. I like everyone and i give everyone a chance in my life. but people constantly show me they dont deserve it, and take me for granted. im absolutely sick of it. all people just need a reality check. my deciding factor between whether i truly want to go to college or university has come down to which one i will spend less time with people in. shawn gets me for who i am and knows when im faking a smile. i just want a girlfriend like that. or friends that dont take me for granted. it seems people are only interested when its something in it for them. like im going to Cuba and all of a sudden everyone wants to be my friend cause they know i get to take someone. Im just frustrated.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

T.V. experience..

So i went to drive wise to be filmed for a story for rogers tv. they filmed me talking about how my boyfriend has to dive me everywhere and how much it sucks them being on strike. after i forgot how old i was, they put me in the simulator to drive around while my driving instructor talked a bit. Shawn sat in the background just giggling at my shyness. they my instructor turned to shawn and said, your turn. Shawn hopped on the simultor just to figure out how difficult it actually was. He talked about having to drive my butt around everywhere and hoped the place would come off strike. Hes so adorable when he tries to be "the man", when i know how sensitive he really is. Hes so cute it makes me smile when he talks about me. *puff*, im just glad thats over with lol

We cant date

So shawn and i came to the conclusion we cant break up ever no matter what it ever was we would want to break up for because we cant date anyone but eachother. We would never want to break up, but hypathetically if we did, no one would want us besides eachother. He has his things and i have mine. No one would be able to tolerate our crazy things but eachother. we are the best of friends and so much in love its crazy. we fight like were married, but wouldnt leave eachother for absolutely anything. I love him and he loves me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My current hair dilemma..

I am one of those girls who care about my hair SO much! i am getting my hair done today and i am oober worried about doing it. I had a talk with shawn last night and for the last week or so about what colour to dye it. i have always been blonde. but i am so sick of paying so much money to dye my hair, just do dye it a few weeks later. so i decided i wanted to be brunette. shawn isnt to sure about it. he thinks i should go all over blonde, but he doesnt understand that with the highlights and roots and brown in the underneathe of my hair, it will turn out a bunch of colours. i think i finally decided brown but i dont even know. I enjoy being one of the three blonde girls in the kononuk family lol. i dont know, it will be a big surprise for everyone whatever i choose. i just hope everyone likes it. i dont think i will be able to completely give up blonde tho....

Things that bug me..

I really hate when girls do some of the things they do.
A few of my friends at school are going out for lunch and skipping last period. i usually go out for lunch with them everyday. they didnt say one word to me and just assumed i knew they were ditching me. I really hate when people do that. all they have to do is tell me they dont want to hang out with me instead of ditching me.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Kononuk Family.

To help better understand things, you must know me other family, i treat just as my own :)

Heather Kononuk, the mom, ADORABLE! she surprises me everytime i see her, theres always some crazy thing i didnt know she did that shawn tells me about and im like WOW your mom is so cool :), not to mention she has a simply wonderful voice!

Mark Kononuk, the macgyver, he always knows how to fix everything! hes so smart and can "macgyver" anything from anything. He hunts like my boyfriend and its so cute when i listen to them talk about hunting and fishing lol!

Scott Kononuk, the quiet brother, i dont see him very often, besides dinner or when he needs to borrow something from shawn lol but hes always nice. its adorable when he holds his daughter cause i see the beautiful connection between daughter and daddy.

Taylor Hoit, the other soon-to-be Kononuk, Shes so sweet and caring. She always thinks about everyone else and does everything in the world for scott. she reminds me so much of me how she is with scott. Since scott and shawn have relative tempers, we understand eachother lol. Shes the cutest girl in the world and always has a smile on her face to cheer everyone when there sad.

Joyceeee:P, the newest member of the kononuk family, adorable and always makes me smile when i see her. i know she cant talk but she says so much with her bright blue eyes. Always in her mommys arms.

And last but not least, Shylo, the dog. He always steals everyones shoes so they cant find the other one, and hes full of energy. Shawns second brother.

A best friend..

I have come to the conclusion i dont have a best friend. I have friends, school friends, friends when i need homework things, friends that will listen when i have drama in my life. but no best friend. I was sitting at lunch today when it finally hit me. I need a best friend. my friend from accross the table said, well i dont have a best friend either. im not alone. i wish i did tho. i used to. her name was Emilie. we have been friends since birth but one thing led to another and now were not friends anymore. stupid i know... its not like im a loner, i feel very popular cause i know everyone in my school basically .. (everyone that matters) but i just dont have a BEST friend.. NOW, im on a hunt for one lol.

Trying to talk to my boyfriend..

As simple as there little minds are, mine is very stubborn. He will listen to me while doing other things so he can pretend to listen, but ignore me at the same time. He wants to stop fighting, i get that part from him, but he does the stupidest things to make me angry. I dont even get it. Like for instance all i told him was i wanted a sorry for last night,, but he has to turn it into this big thing, bluh bluh..
Like if your in a relationship and your partner asks you for something, you do it cause you love them. but in shawns eyes, i do what he says, he doesnt have to do what i say. stupid i know. but o well.. hopefully things wil get better later, now hes ignoring me and swaring and playing a new stupid video game. Who knows... one day he will click in.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The little things...

Shawn is very bad at taking hints. All night i wanted to talk to him and when i get a chance to, he goes hunting, then i get another chance, and he going to tim hortons like every other night. then i get another chance, and hes going to his friends to watch a show. It only makes me upset because he told me saturday night we couldnt see eachother monday because he was busy. I dont care what he does, but i hate being let down. and when i wait all night to talk to him, and he just keeps doing things, it would have been nice to know from the start i wouldnt be able to.

I know its a stupid thing to be mad about but i really dont ask much. I dont talk to him all day and today i had a pretty terrible day in the first place. Maybe just the one thing to make me feel better was to talk to him and i wasnt able to. So im going to bed upset. I know its cliche to say "hes just a boy, and they dont really understand the ways of women", but sometimes i talk myself into believing he does. I dont care about the big things, like presents, i care about things like.. i love you messages, and knowing how his day went, and telling him when im upset. i just need him to listen and maybe pick up on those days when i need him most.

My boyfriends secret romance with Tim Hortons.

Everynight he goes off to Tim's with his friends just to sit (hopefully) and chat (hopefully) and get a coffee and enjoy eachothers company...(hopefully). but i begin to wonder if thats actually what hes doing. i dont mean doing things behind my back, but i wonder if he is causing trouble for those poor timmies workers. i myself am a "Timmy-Hoe" and i gotta say when people come in and goof around and cause trouble, it drives me nuts, especially when i have to clean up there mess afterwards. But shawn is responsible, and i believe he would make sure nothing absolutely terrible happens.. right?
Well one night when i went with them to tim hortons i noticed that the employees walked out and asked us to leave, polietly. I wondered... hmm, well if all you boys are doing what you tell me your doing then why are you being kicked out? Shawn tells me "there on crack, they kick us out every day" but i begin to wonder why...
Maybe one day Shawn will reveal to me the secret "doings" at Tim Hortons... or maybe it will always remain a secret?

Family matters...

My family matters most to me. More then anything else. They help me when im down, and guide me. Let me introduce you...

The parents...

Lisa Fox, my mommy
She is the most kind, loveing, beautiful, understanding women i have ever met. She helps me through everything and i love it most when she knows whats wrong and tries to fix it. She guides me to make sure my life is exactly how magical i picture it in my head.

Kevin Fox, step dad
He is sometimes very stubborn with me because he doesnt understand how i roll ;) , but in the long run, we are great friends.

Rheanna Evans, my step mom (aka second mom)
She treats me as one of her own and ALWAYS understands. She persuades my dad into everything we try to pull over his head. She is beautiful and she tries to hide it. My dad sees everything in her and loves her to death, as do we.

Mike Evans, my daddy.
Although we have been through very tough times, im still a daddies girl. He doesnt quite understand why i want a boyfriend cause everytime he looks at me he sees the 8yr old girl that would run behind him and when boy asked me to dance.

The Siblings...

Jacob Evans, the blood brother.
He is 4 years younger then me, but acts the same age. we piss eachother off, but if he wasnt in my life anymore, i would miss him dearly. He likes when i vent to him, and i like when we watch movies together when my parents are out.

Kayla Watson, step sister
She is the step sister but she is basically my whole sister. She is so artsy and has talent i didnt know exsisted. she is so beautiful and doesnt give herself enough credit. Sometimes she confuses me with her nerdy ways, but she always dumbs it down for me.

And finally, the love of my life.

Shawn Kononuk, my gorgeous man (as others know him by)
He is the one person that can change my mood on an instant. Weve been dating about 3 years and we know its love. he knows how to deal with my sillyness and i know how to cope with his smell. I look in his eyes and see our life years and years from now. we agree about everything and rarely fight, and when we do its really stupid things we get over in 10 minutes. If i didnt have him i dont think i would be half as happy as i am. He loves everything about me as i do for him. He is secretly concerned about what i think, and i fish for the right answers for him. I bug him when i talk about our future together but i know hes thinking about it too. He is the most gorgeous man i have ever seen and he doesnt give himself any credit at all. He is my entire life and anything i do i make sure hes involved. I love him so much its crazy, and i know he does too.... well i have gotten carried away, to sum it up in one word.. perfect.

I'm new to this.

Hello everyone :)
I started a blog when I was younger but never came through with it, but i finally decided I should start one up again. I have a terrible memory and maybe it will help me remember things if i write them down.

I at 17 years old, but i feel like im 23, besides the fact im not treated like one. I am one of those people who just thinks and thinks at all seconds of the day. I fall asleep thinking. So many stresses are put on me aswell. Just a little about me.