Monday, November 9, 2009

The little things...

Shawn is very bad at taking hints. All night i wanted to talk to him and when i get a chance to, he goes hunting, then i get another chance, and he going to tim hortons like every other night. then i get another chance, and hes going to his friends to watch a show. It only makes me upset because he told me saturday night we couldnt see eachother monday because he was busy. I dont care what he does, but i hate being let down. and when i wait all night to talk to him, and he just keeps doing things, it would have been nice to know from the start i wouldnt be able to.

I know its a stupid thing to be mad about but i really dont ask much. I dont talk to him all day and today i had a pretty terrible day in the first place. Maybe just the one thing to make me feel better was to talk to him and i wasnt able to. So im going to bed upset. I know its cliche to say "hes just a boy, and they dont really understand the ways of women", but sometimes i talk myself into believing he does. I dont care about the big things, like presents, i care about things like.. i love you messages, and knowing how his day went, and telling him when im upset. i just need him to listen and maybe pick up on those days when i need him most.

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