Monday, November 9, 2009

My boyfriends secret romance with Tim Hortons.

Everynight he goes off to Tim's with his friends just to sit (hopefully) and chat (hopefully) and get a coffee and enjoy eachothers company...(hopefully). but i begin to wonder if thats actually what hes doing. i dont mean doing things behind my back, but i wonder if he is causing trouble for those poor timmies workers. i myself am a "Timmy-Hoe" and i gotta say when people come in and goof around and cause trouble, it drives me nuts, especially when i have to clean up there mess afterwards. But shawn is responsible, and i believe he would make sure nothing absolutely terrible happens.. right?
Well one night when i went with them to tim hortons i noticed that the employees walked out and asked us to leave, polietly. I wondered... hmm, well if all you boys are doing what you tell me your doing then why are you being kicked out? Shawn tells me "there on crack, they kick us out every day" but i begin to wonder why...
Maybe one day Shawn will reveal to me the secret "doings" at Tim Hortons... or maybe it will always remain a secret?

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