Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trying to talk to my boyfriend..

As simple as there little minds are, mine is very stubborn. He will listen to me while doing other things so he can pretend to listen, but ignore me at the same time. He wants to stop fighting, i get that part from him, but he does the stupidest things to make me angry. I dont even get it. Like for instance all i told him was i wanted a sorry for last night,, but he has to turn it into this big thing, bluh bluh..
Like if your in a relationship and your partner asks you for something, you do it cause you love them. but in shawns eyes, i do what he says, he doesnt have to do what i say. stupid i know. but o well.. hopefully things wil get better later, now hes ignoring me and swaring and playing a new stupid video game. Who knows... one day he will click in.

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