Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Kononuk Family.

To help better understand things, you must know me other family, i treat just as my own :)

Heather Kononuk, the mom, ADORABLE! she surprises me everytime i see her, theres always some crazy thing i didnt know she did that shawn tells me about and im like WOW your mom is so cool :), not to mention she has a simply wonderful voice!

Mark Kononuk, the macgyver, he always knows how to fix everything! hes so smart and can "macgyver" anything from anything. He hunts like my boyfriend and its so cute when i listen to them talk about hunting and fishing lol!

Scott Kononuk, the quiet brother, i dont see him very often, besides dinner or when he needs to borrow something from shawn lol but hes always nice. its adorable when he holds his daughter cause i see the beautiful connection between daughter and daddy.

Taylor Hoit, the other soon-to-be Kononuk, Shes so sweet and caring. She always thinks about everyone else and does everything in the world for scott. she reminds me so much of me how she is with scott. Since scott and shawn have relative tempers, we understand eachother lol. Shes the cutest girl in the world and always has a smile on her face to cheer everyone when there sad.

Joyceeee:P, the newest member of the kononuk family, adorable and always makes me smile when i see her. i know she cant talk but she says so much with her bright blue eyes. Always in her mommys arms.

And last but not least, Shylo, the dog. He always steals everyones shoes so they cant find the other one, and hes full of energy. Shawns second brother.

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  1. Shawn's second brother SHYLO- lol thats TOO CUTE!!