Monday, November 9, 2009

Family matters...

My family matters most to me. More then anything else. They help me when im down, and guide me. Let me introduce you...

The parents...

Lisa Fox, my mommy
She is the most kind, loveing, beautiful, understanding women i have ever met. She helps me through everything and i love it most when she knows whats wrong and tries to fix it. She guides me to make sure my life is exactly how magical i picture it in my head.

Kevin Fox, step dad
He is sometimes very stubborn with me because he doesnt understand how i roll ;) , but in the long run, we are great friends.

Rheanna Evans, my step mom (aka second mom)
She treats me as one of her own and ALWAYS understands. She persuades my dad into everything we try to pull over his head. She is beautiful and she tries to hide it. My dad sees everything in her and loves her to death, as do we.

Mike Evans, my daddy.
Although we have been through very tough times, im still a daddies girl. He doesnt quite understand why i want a boyfriend cause everytime he looks at me he sees the 8yr old girl that would run behind him and when boy asked me to dance.

The Siblings...

Jacob Evans, the blood brother.
He is 4 years younger then me, but acts the same age. we piss eachother off, but if he wasnt in my life anymore, i would miss him dearly. He likes when i vent to him, and i like when we watch movies together when my parents are out.

Kayla Watson, step sister
She is the step sister but she is basically my whole sister. She is so artsy and has talent i didnt know exsisted. she is so beautiful and doesnt give herself enough credit. Sometimes she confuses me with her nerdy ways, but she always dumbs it down for me.

And finally, the love of my life.

Shawn Kononuk, my gorgeous man (as others know him by)
He is the one person that can change my mood on an instant. Weve been dating about 3 years and we know its love. he knows how to deal with my sillyness and i know how to cope with his smell. I look in his eyes and see our life years and years from now. we agree about everything and rarely fight, and when we do its really stupid things we get over in 10 minutes. If i didnt have him i dont think i would be half as happy as i am. He loves everything about me as i do for him. He is secretly concerned about what i think, and i fish for the right answers for him. I bug him when i talk about our future together but i know hes thinking about it too. He is the most gorgeous man i have ever seen and he doesnt give himself any credit at all. He is my entire life and anything i do i make sure hes involved. I love him so much its crazy, and i know he does too.... well i have gotten carried away, to sum it up in one word.. perfect.

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