Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My current hair dilemma..

I am one of those girls who care about my hair SO much! i am getting my hair done today and i am oober worried about doing it. I had a talk with shawn last night and for the last week or so about what colour to dye it. i have always been blonde. but i am so sick of paying so much money to dye my hair, just do dye it a few weeks later. so i decided i wanted to be brunette. shawn isnt to sure about it. he thinks i should go all over blonde, but he doesnt understand that with the highlights and roots and brown in the underneathe of my hair, it will turn out a bunch of colours. i think i finally decided brown but i dont even know. I enjoy being one of the three blonde girls in the kononuk family lol. i dont know, it will be a big surprise for everyone whatever i choose. i just hope everyone likes it. i dont think i will be able to completely give up blonde tho....

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